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Posted By Topic: Laboratory fume cabinet

Jun 16 2017 13:57

I’m hoping you can help me with this. What is the definition of Electrical Services outlets, as referred to in 2.2.1 from the AS/NZS Std

Safety in Laboratories
AS/NZS 2243.8 2014

2.2 Services

2.2.1 Electrical Services
1 Electrical services outlets shall not be positioned within the fume cupboard.
2 Electrical socket outlets within a fume cupboard shall be protected by a RCD and fitted with illuminated indicators to show power status.


Jun 16 2017 16:26

Not familiar with that Standard; don't have it. In electrical installation Standards "electrical services outlets" would include electrical socket outlets - which leads to a contradiction.
Have a look towards the front for a clause called "interpretation"; and see whether there's a definition for "electrical services outlets" thay somehow doesn't include a socket outlet.

Jun 16 2017 17:16

BrianHight - you've misquoted the standard, which is actually self-explanatory.

It starts by saying you can't put "electrical service outlets (including socket outlets)" inside the fume cupboard, for obvious reasons.

It then says that socket outlets used to operate electrical equipment within a fume cupboard shall be protected by a RCD.

A fume cupboard typically has the socket outlets along the vertical surfaces adjacent to the front window, and appliance cords go under the gap at the front.

And do note that requires that the socket outlets and the gas taps are interlocked with the extraction system, and the emergency off button.

I would have thought that a fume cupboard would be delivered as a ready-to-go appliance with all the necessary gas(es) and electrical components installed, constructed in accordance with all applicable standards, just needing connection to services and to the extract and intake systems in accordance with the manufacturers instructions.

Having said that, any electrician that is installing a fume cupboard really needs to read the standard because there are three pages of very relevant electrical requirements.

And... because fume cupboards can have quite aggressive exhaust systems, the air balance and heating requirements of the enclosing space also need to be considered, all of which has electrical elements.

Jun 16 2017 20:04

That all makes perfect sense.
Fuimre cupboards are also "specified systems" un4er Building Act, and subject to anusl (and other) inspections


Jun 16 2017 22:19

So the moral is "don't drunk and post", otherwise you may be subject to anusl inspections....

Sounds painful.


Jun 19 2017 13:11

Thanks for your comments. This extract of the reg was supplied to us from a third party so I have not seen the actual original (nor have I edited the extract).