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Posted By Topic: RCCB or RCBO to replace MCB

Aug 09 2017 20:37

Hi there, can we use the RCCB or RCBO to replace MCB in the Main switchboard if we need to add a new power point at house? Or only way we have to add a new RCD to protect this circuit?

Thanks for answer me this question.

Aug 09 2017 20:51

RCCB and RCBO are both RCDs. So you could use either one.

Aug 09 2017 20:55

@ Dougp, Thanks very much for replying. We would like to use RCCB or RCBO to replace the RCD rather than to install a new RCD to protect this circuit. Thanks

Aug 09 2017 20:56

Of course an RCCB would need to feed an MCB to protect the circuit. Whereas the RCBO could replace an MCB.

Aug 09 2017 20:58

Your comments don\'t really make sense and it appears you probably aren\'t an electrician.

You need either RCCB plus MCB
RCBO which has a built in MCB for one circuit.

Both types are RCDs.

Aug 09 2017 21:11

@ Dougp, Thanks for replying me. We just want to know, can we use RCCB OR RCBO to replace the MCB, instead of us to add RCD to protect the circuit which we want to add a new power point in the house.

Aug 09 2017 21:23

Don\'t feed the trolls

Mar 09 2018 15:46

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