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Posted By Topic: pole attached to a dwelling

Aug 26 2017 11:00

hi folks
I'd like to add a pole to a concrete block wall at the end for new overhead lines, it'll be easier than going into the ground. I can find details on poles for in the ground in the regs book but not this type, any clues on where i might look please?


Aug 26 2017 13:30

Section D3 in Appendix D of AS/NZS 3000 does have some limited amount of information, but it refers you to use a structural engineer to do the design work.

AS/NZS 7000 is another source of information, but only if can borrow a copy, as it will be expensive to purchase. I don't think that AS/NZS 7000 is available from the EWRB website to get a look at a free copy.

Aug 27 2017 22:34

Public libraries often have or can get a copy of standards from the national library that you can have a read through in the library (but you can't leave the building with it).