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Posted By Topic: HPM icontrol

Aug 26 2017 19:58

Hi i have watched this forum over the last few years and would appreciate some advice from some of the valued regular contributers
Im seeking some information on the hpm icontrol system (similar to cbus but no longer supported) i have changed some of the 50 watt halogens to led lighting but have found when the lights are off there is a quick flash by individual lights around every 30 seconds ,i have tried different lamps and a load correction device but no luck,the affected lights are through a dimmer control module that when"off" still has 25 volts so this may be the cause but not too sure how to fix it ,can anyone assist?
can anyone offer some advice on what to do next

Aug 27 2017 14:21

Some of the Cbus dimmable control outputs are either leading edge or trailing edge dimming so some LED lights do funny things like pulse, fluctuate and flicker. The Clipsal line have a universal dimmer control which helps solve that issue.

I don't know about the HPM system. It may have the same issue (leading or trailing edge dimming). You may have to check the LED drivers and change them out to suit the HPM dimming system.

Aug 30 2017 12:48

I encountered this once with cheap compact florescent lights. I found that the lighting loops tied up on to catenary wires with other powered circuits induced a voltage into the Tps loops to each light.(Transformer effect)
The lights would flash once every 30 seconds at random as the voltage built up in the supply cable and then discharged by flashing the lamp.The process would then repeat.Disconnect the supply feed to the light circuits in question and see if this is what is happening in your case.I cured the problem with florescent RFI capacitors across the PEN supply to each fitting.

Hope this helps.