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Posted By Topic: Revised limits of work, electrical installer opt.

Aug 28 2017 10:19

The way the revised limits of work read it seems to appear that the categories for electrical installer have been removed, so a combination of EST + E.I. cat 1 would allow you to install conductors in an installation and then connect fitting. Can anyone enlighten on what proving competency to the board would involve and if the above is true ?

Aug 28 2017 11:23

EI registration / PL is limited to only 5 particular types of systems:
Security systems;
Fire alarm systems;
Railway systems;
Lift/escalator systems;
Heating/ventilating/air conditioning systems.

The numbering on EWREB website is wrong, but not so bad that the meaning isn\'t clear.

Yes an EL can install conductors in an installation, and connect fittings to those conductors - but ONLY for the type(s) of system specifi3ed on their PL.

Holding EST or not makes no difference to this. The difference between EI and EST is a) the EI can only work on some systems (as above); &
b) an EST can\'t install conductors for any type of system / equipment

Aug 28 2017 12:02

Aleck, it would appear that there are revised limits of work coming in October with two options for electrical installers.
There also are options for most classes of registration based around mining or not mining.

Aug 28 2017 12:45

It was the revised limits I was referring to, there are no classes or categories mentioned although I suppose they might be implied. There is also proving competency to ewrb but nothing specific as to how this might happen.

Aug 28 2017 16:28

\"Forbidden\" error preventing detailed response.
Short answer is there almost no change for EIs from today\'s rules.

Jan 20 2018 23:16


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