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Posted By Topic: extractor fan

Aug 29 2017 13:22

hi there,customer rung me about a faulty x fan in bathroom .It was a 230v ceiling/wall fan, mounted above shower cubicle.I said I will need to replace it with a 12vac one,no problem.Old fan just vented into ceiling space . It is a fairly low roof so that could be why.Customer says they will take care of venting fan through the roof later on.My question is, am I liable in our regs to insure it is vented? I think in the building code it is.

Aug 29 2017 13:51

Yes moisture transfer is a Building Code issue.

A roof penetration may require building consent, depending on size & building type.

If Consent required, almost certainly "Restricted Building Work" requiring a Licenced Building Practitioner.

To be safe, I would not connect the fan until the necessary ducting is in place.


Aug 29 2017 14:31

Why did you say it has to be a 12v one? It only needs to be IPx4, which the Manrose ones are.

Aug 29 2017 14:37

I don't like the idea of a 230v motor right above a shower cubicle, regardless if its supposed to be ok.

Aug 29 2017 14:52

If mounted above 2.25 m, not in any zone, so doesn't even need to be IP rated