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Posted By Topic: Adding meter

Aug 30 2017 09:28

Hi Guys,
Bit of a question re splitting an upstairs from downstairs flat situation.
Retailer meter is in upstairs flat. I'd be looking at relocating it to an exterior meter box, then adding another retailer meter to supply the downstairs separately.
I presume (in the meter box) a single phase can be split to each meter via 2x 40Amp HRC/MCB, but that there is no need to create a 'central suppply'.
Each MEN board has its own MEC to separate earth electrodes. This is permitted so long as one MEN board is not feeding the other - correct?

The alternative, and probably a lot cheaper option would be to install another retailer meter next to the existing in the upstairs area which becomes a 'central supply' Is this something a retailer will permit based on others experience?

Thanks for time and thoughts.


Aug 30 2017 10:48

i've done the latter, it wasn't hard at all, the big thing is i get from the meter people etc is 'we don't like' they may not 'like' but get them to tell you the rule that excludes things, we have a rule book, we work to this if that makes sense

Aug 30 2017 11:34

Have a look at clause 9.8, especially

You can't have common mains to 2 installations.
That means either a new supply from street for 2nd, separate, installation; or setting up a main switchboard (c/w MEN & electrode) that controls both parts - either each then being a submain.

That then sets up another problem, because while you can use a PEN submain to an outbuilding, you can';t do that for either of the units in same building. So need to run PECs for these submains, and NOT have MEN links at the DBs

True metering has little if anything to do with what is "an installation". But this sort of change is not as simple as it may appear.


Sep 08 2017 16:29

Thanks for the replies. So looks like a single phase can be distributed between installations as long as this occurs at the MEN switchboard.
Each meter then feeds a distribution board.
I take your point on the requirements of the PEC to each distribution board.