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Posted By Topic: Switching DC load

Aug 30 2017 19:15

Does anybody know of a 230VAC, 2 pole contactor or relay for switching a 120VDC load of around 20amps that insnt insanely priced, and is safe around potential lead acid battery fumes?


Aug 30 2017 20:05

something solid state should do the trick Brian


Aug 30 2017 20:08

Yeah, that was my thought too, but i'm struggling to find one in the right current and voltage config.

Aug 30 2017 20:36

mmm, i see your issue, there must be others available, i have linked a datasheet from jaycar, but there range doesn't switch the 120v d.c.

Aug 30 2017 20:45

here ya go, you'll have to change your control voltage, but otherwise all good.,searchweb201602_5_10152_10065_10151_10068_5400015_10307_10137_10060_10

Aug 30 2017 21:03

Thanks, but two to four weeks out of china isnt really an option for me. Two days out of Auckland will be a big enough issue. As it stands at the moment I have a hotel without a reliable EM light system and dont have the luxury of time to fix it.

But I do like the idea of changing the control voltage for an SSR. Hadnt considered that option, but i'd probably keep it simple by going 24V AC. Only a small tranny required then. No rectumfrier.

Opens up a few new search options.

Aug 31 2017 01:46

RS have a good range and 1-2 days ex sydney,4294614869,4294614774,4294614979,4294614920,4294614990,4294614913,4294612225,4294609559,4294608393,

Aug 31 2017 03:06

Hmm, everything above 100 Vdc is 5+ days away.

Here's a fuller listing that avoids RS's bad tagging (The DC parts are all on the first page, so don't change the sort order) -,4294605282,4294586364,4294607116,4294610424,4293766849,4294590669,4294607876,4293387493,4294605780,4293762859,4294586363,4292158487,

Aug 31 2017 03:08

Bugger, scrap that, that link is broken. Something got messed up along the way.

Aug 31 2017 03:09

Try this instead -,4294605282,4294586364,4294607116,4294610424,4293766849,4294590669,4294607876,4293387493,4294605780,4293762859,4294586363,4292158487,4293399537,4293727477,4294611830,4294611795,4294614294,4294607879,4294610423,4294494657,4294614892,4294410674,4293399513,4294614996,4294609550,4294614920,4294609552,4294614197,4294614774,4294614913,4294609549,4294612225,4294609548,4294607821,4294609559,4294607820,4294614911,4294609215,4294416564,4294400862,4294614921,4294607874,4293748900,4294614755&sort-by=Output%20Device&sort-order=asc&rpp=20&pn=1


Aug 31 2017 03:12

Yep, that works. DC parts are on first page.