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Posted By Topic: certification of subcircuit

Sep 01 2017 10:56

have a question hopefully some can answer. Does the installation of a TEMPORARY final subcircuit require certification?

Sep 01 2017 12:15

There's no such thing as "temporary" as far as wiring rules is concerned; if it is to be connected, it must be compliant, and certified on CoC.
And the connection needs an ESC.

Sep 01 2017 13:54

Mostly true AlecK, but Schedule 1 does mention temporary wiring for "experimental, testing, demonstration, teaching, or research purposes in any electrical engineering workshop, manufacturing facility, electrical test facility, laboratory, hospital, research project, or teaching institution". As such if the context is teaching an electrical course at a tech and showing how to wire a house, then it's likely not PEW and won't need certified.

Sep 01 2017 14:13

well spotted