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Posted By Topic: SDoC Supporter / Consultant Required

Sep 02 2017 11:51

This is my first post on this forum. Hello to everyone and thanks Ron for the opportunity to join this forum and ask a question. I’m not an Electrician and have limited knowledge in this field hoping to get smarter with your help.
We have a small family business and import goods selling them online. Some of the products need a SDoC and everything that comes with it (certificates, laboratory testing reports etc.).
It was comforting to read the posts with subject SDoC in this forum and I notice that we are not the only one having a bit of a problem with the system in place. I do acknowledge that there must be some control in place to ensure that potential harmful equipment is not sold in NZ but the way this is enforced is not ideal and way to complicated in my view and it opens doors to be abused by your opponents who just have to file a complaint at the right place to get you into trouble. Sorry to have a little cry here about things we cannot change… I stop right here.
I read now and then that “everyone” can fill in the SDoC but I am obviously not smart enough and need help. I hope to find a knowledgeable person to do the necessary paperwork for us. We would be happy to pay a fair price for this service and your role could even go beyond that as a consultant and possible spokesperson for our company for contacts we have with MBI etc.. I just feel so help- and hopeless when I have to discuss things with an expert while I have no idea about it.
The kind of products we import is often related to gate automation and other devices powered with 230VAC and 12V-24VDC. Our suppliers must provide the certificates and reports and often we get the documents we need but not always.
My question to all who read this is: Are you interested in supporting us with the above or do you know someone or a solution for this.
I am aware that there are testing laboratories around in NZ who offer this service but I’d rather have this solved in cooperation with a knowledgeable person who has the expertise to support us in general.
Thanks for any helpful post!

Sep 02 2017 18:47

Before you get anymore bent out of shape about SDOC's have a look at the information in this link.

If you follow the link and other links on the page there is a lot of information including templates for SDOC's.

If the products you are bringing in are not contained in the list of DMRA's then an SDOC is not required and any complaint re failure to supply an SDOC is not going to get anyone very far.


If the equipment needs an SDOC you as the importer can supply one. The equipment must comply with one of the recognised standards in schedule 4 of the Electrical Safety Regulations 2010. Many of the standards referenced are IEC standards slightly modified.

A test report from a test lab supporting this is your best way to back this up.
The test lab does not have to be accredited according to the Energy Safety Service web site.

Sep 03 2017 20:55

What is your email, sindubio?

Sep 03 2017 23:05

Thanks for both answers related to my post.

@ Sarmajor
It is not easy to answer the question whether a product needs a SDoC and there is plenty of room to have things interpreted in one way or another. Not even Experts seem to know what is appropriate.
A knowledgeable person wrote me:
“I believe it should be in compliance with EN/IEC AS/NZS 60335.2.103:2016 Household and similar electrical appliances - Safety - Part 2.103: Particular requirements for drives for gates, doors and windows”
He is obviously not quite sure using “I believe… ” and the more I research the more complicated requirements seem to be.

@ Kingswell
I can be contacted: sulugnis a t g m a i l