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Posted By Topic: pdl Chronic range

Sep 06 2017 12:46

just used the new iconic/chronic range, and they have the gall to call that stuff progress!
how can you leave a site fitted off without the cover plates on for painting etc and call it safe when you can eyeball the contacts through the switches???

Sep 06 2017 12:56

Can you see them or can you touch them?

A big difference in my opinion. Last time I tried it looking at live switch contacts was not too harmful.

Touching them is a bit hard on the central nervous system though.

Sep 07 2017 10:40

A rough test for screening of live parts is to use your little finger to see if you can touch live parts, if you can it is NOT screened from touch.

Most electrical equipment when being tested for screening of live parts by an test house for SODEC uses a "IEC test finger" for checking that sufficent screening is being provided.

I would be very surprised if any PDL product would not comply with the standard covering the fitting under test.

Sep 07 2017 13:08

They get dirty in about a month. Whose idea was it to have a matt finish??? Will not be installing.

Sep 07 2017 14:08

Surely that decision should be for your customer?

Sep 07 2017 22:04

in the early 80's they brought out the pdl500 series, that too was a matt finish and normal building site dirty fingers would mark it and leave it uncleanable, there's a few things in this range that a step backwards
i reckon