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Posted By Topic: Inter tenancy cabling

Sep 08 2017 10:16

Are there are rules surrounding cabling through separate tenancies. I have the following factory/warehouse situation at the moment.

A xformer is located inside Tenancy A. It was previously outside of tenancy A but tenancy A was extended and now the xformer is inside of it. It feeds tenancy A, B and is proposed to feed tenancy C. We are being told to run the cable from A, through B and to C (tenancies are all joined together with inter tenancy walls). My feeling is it should be trenched around the outside and not go through the middle tenancy however i can't reference anything for that.
I suppose eventually the cable will still be going inside tenancy A because that's where the xformer is.
Hopefully you can see what i'm trying to get at.
Any help is appreciated.

Sep 08 2017 13:34

I would be talking to your local electrical supply company (not the retailer) and find out what they will allow.

It's not so much to do with what the standards say but more to do with an easement to run the cables through other properties in order to get to the transformer

Sep 08 2017 14:32

Depends whether this is just separate tenancies of one electrical installation, or separate electrical installations

Sep 08 2017 19:52

The situation has nothing to do with the local lines company. They don't get to make up the rules any more.

Assuming the building is all owned by one entity who will be paying for the work the tenancies is also not an issue.
No need for an easement if the buildings are all on the one title.

Looking in the ESR's and standards for things you are not allowed to do is usually a fools errand. The ESR's and standards tell you what you must do to ensure that the Installation is safe.
Running mains cables through buildings is not usually going to create an unsafe situation.

More important to pay attention to maintaining the fire ratings of partition walls between tenancies.

And as you correctly state the cables will eventually have to go into unit A for connection to the supply.