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Posted By Topic: PS4?

Sep 08 2017 16:53

Hi guys,
Just wondering if it is usual to be asked to issue a PS4 document in regard to emergency lighting.
Basically I've installed a single Emergency light fitting in the location described in a council letter.
Evidently building has not been signed off for years because of issue of Emergency light being required.
Do sparkies generally just issue a CoC or do we have to fill out an additional document?
Maybe an inspection required?
Any advice appreciated - Cheers.

Sep 08 2017 17:04

What area are you in? Does the council have a standard form?

Sep 08 2017 22:03

In Auckland it is a PS3 form. Stating you have installed the lights as per standards. Copy of the form is available on council website showing all the info to fill out. Remember you will need a test timer etc.

Sep 12 2017 17:21

if you are in auckland have a look at the link attached

Sep 12 2017 17:28

Or if you need someone to sign off your ps4 here is a list of the council approved people who can do the ps4 sign off... for your side of it under emergency lighting you need to do a PS3 covering F6?

In the above link the auckland council producer statment states the following:

13.9 Electricians performing electrical work under the Electricity Act 1992 and the Electricity
(Safety) Regulations 2010, are required to provide certificates of compliance for certain
electrical work. These certificates, once issued are deemed to comply with the NZBC.
13.10 However, where electricians perform other electrical work, which is not covered by a
certificate of compliance (e.g. low voltage work such as installing emergency lighting), the
electrician is required to provide a producer statement confirming compliance with the NZBC.
13.11 Electricians do not need to be listed on the Auckland Council Producer Statement Register
when performing this type of work; however, must provide evidence of their license when
submitting the producer statement.
13.12 In the case of an electrician, Council will place sole reliance on their licensing as proof of
Element of inspection Explanatory comment
Emergency lighting and exit signage
Testing and installation of emergency lighting
Electrician must provide a PS3 for the testing
and installation of emergency lighting but does
not need to be on Auckland Council Producer
Statement Register
• Electricians license must be sighted
• Electrician must use Councils producer
statement template

Sep 17 2017 20:47

Hi Guys,
I'm operating out of Christchurch.
Thanks for the information - I'll see if I can get my hands on this PS3 document, and sound like I'll need to arrange an inspection as well.
Thanks all for advice!

Sep 19 2017 09:29

I have always been told to install lighting to a design that is certified by a lighting designer. Keeps your head out of the chopping block