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Posted By Topic: Separated supply motorhome

Sep 11 2017 14:01

Isolated inverter (separated supply) to single socket (single load) inside connectable installation (motor home).
Coming directly from inverter just like fig 4.1 (B) asnzs 4509.1. note one indicates RCD for (B) by the position of the note however the drawing doesn’t suggest this.
Aszns 3001 suggests RCD on every circuit in connectable installation.
For this set up RCD or no RCD?


Sep 11 2017 15:13

The set-up you describe is neither a connectable installation nor a standalone installation. So neither Standard covers it.

Being a separated supply, no RCD is necessary 9and if you fit one, you'll have trouble testing it.

RCDs are "additional protection" ; when the primary protection is by automatic disconnection of supply in the event of a fault.
With separated supply, you're not using automatic disconnection but one of the other permitted fault protection methods (see clause 1.5.5 of "3000"), and adding an RCD won't provide a significant improvement of safety. On the other hand, it won't do any harm - except maybe to your wallet.