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Posted By Topic: CoC/ESC vs ESC

Sep 12 2017 11:12

If you were to provide a CoC/ESC for a straight replacement of a fixture what are signing off?

I was under the understanding that an ESC is required for the final connection (replace a power point, light fitting, relay)

I know a number of people providing a combined CoC and Esc for this type of work. Wouldn't they then be signing of that complete circuit????


Sep 12 2017 11:38

No. Regardless of what sort of form is used, the issuer is only ever signing off the work described on the cert. Which is why a careful description of work is very important.

ESR 65(2) specifically allows low risk work to be certified on a CoC; so as long as the ESC part of the cert is also filled in (as required by ESR 74A) using a combi-cert is OK.

But probably not a good idea to just fill in the "ESC section"; because you'd be unlikely to end up with a valid ESC. And probably not many (if any) combi-certs will have provision for supervisor's signature etc, needed for ESCs issued by trainees.

Combi-certs are intended for "general" PEW is done, and same person issues both (CoC before connection; ESC after). To avoid repeating same info, things like name, reg number, description of work, etc that are required for both types of cert appear only once. So if using one for Low Risk PEW, safer to fill in entire form than to try to remember which bits are needed to make a valid ESC.