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Posted By Topic: socket orientation

Sep 12 2017 14:20

I'm very sure I've read in 3000 somewhere that a socket must be mounted with the earth pin in the lower most position, but now I cant find it. any clues please for reference?

Sep 12 2017 14:48

No such rule, since at least 1976
Having the earth contact at bottom is normal, but not required by either "3000" or "3112" (the standard for 3-pin flat-pin plugs and sockets).

The only rules for orientation in "3000" apply to mcbs etc on switchboards. "3112 requires the 'on' position of switches for sockets to be marked / indicated.

If we required all switches to be "down = on" we couldn't use 2-way or intermediate switching. And if we required sockets to be "earth down", we couldn't use a socket on a horizontal surface.

For sockets, the other consideration is avoiding strain on the flex of the plug while inserted.

Sep 12 2017 19:24

I've had instances where power points were mounted so low on an office benchtop that a 10amp plug could be fitted into the socket, but not something like a phone charger.

The answer was to invert the sockets with the earth up-most.