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Posted By Topic: 32A Trailer Socket

Sep 12 2017 16:22

Hi all,

Hopefully a basic question:

I’m starting a food trailer and it has a 240V 32A socket, with 6 x 10A power points inside. The total electrical draw of the equipment is roughly 32A, with the remain appliances being run off LPG.

Some of the events I will be working at don’t offer a direct 32A power supply - would it be best to connect each piece of equipment to separate 10A plugs? Alternatively, if not all equipment is required for an event, is an adapter available to plug the lesser supply into the 32A socket?

If necessary, I may need to rent / purchase a 32A generator to allow optimal power supply at events.

Any help / clarification is much appreciated.


Sep 12 2017 16:30

You're right to consider the options, as 32A supplies are less common.
The more common supply is 16 A.

It's possible to use an adaptor (16 A plug to 32 A connector), but it must have a current-limiting device to prevent overloading the plug.

Another option would be to set up the unit with 2 x 16 a systems; completely separate from each other. Use one or both, depending what's available at the site

Or have one 16 A and one 32A inlet, with a change-over switch. Again current limitation would be needed, but it would allow full flexibility as to which appliances could be used.


Sep 12 2017 19:12

How is the total draw being calculated.? Depending on the size of the caravan it seems quite high given it also has LPG, are you talking multiple hotplates etc.?

Is there an on-board hot water cylinder, which is probably 2or even 3kW(8-12 amps) so maybe you could look at current monitoring and then load shedding the HWC if the current goes above say 25amps.

A clever system could alert you if the HWC has been load shed for more than 1 hour or if the HWC temp drops below say 40*c.

Definitely put in one of these volt/current meters so you can see exactly what is going on, only $25 and cheaper $15 also on Trade Me.