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Posted By Topic: tv + sky drops out when things plugged in

Sep 12 2017 17:37

Has anyone ever come across this before? A customer has tv and sky in lounge and you can plug something into the p/pt in the room that backs onto the tv and make the tv or tv and sky drop out for a split second or sometimes sky has to reboot. Can even make it do the same thing by unplugging the dvd player that’s under the tv.
Sky dvd and tv are all plugged into a 4 way box and that 4 way has been replaced but same problem. Voltage sits at 229 and does not change or if it does was not noticeable.
Any clues to what could cause this? Bad sky box and tv? Or bad sky box?


Sep 12 2017 18:09

Not specifically on Sky, but with UHF Freeview HD I have found that the quality and location of the antenna lead from the wall socket to the TV can cause dropouts. Using a thin, ready made lead instead of a RG6 cable, and running the cable close to the rear of the TV can cause signal loss.

So the first thing I would check is the antenna cable and connections, and the signal strength and then the LNB and dish alignment if the signal wasn't good.

Sep 12 2017 19:20

Run Sky on the component cables and see if the problem goes away. We have had a few instances now where interference from the HDMI cable is playing with the mysky box.

Sep 12 2017 19:26

hi ryanm10 could changing the hdmi cable for a new one work or do you have to leave it on component cables if that solves it?

Sep 12 2017 20:01

Its the HDCP 'handshake' which probably causes the problem. Heaps of info on the internet about it. Buying a new HDMI cable may or may not resolve the issue. Have seen this issue 3 times personally now and its only going to get worse with no real answers on how to resolve it. Try the component or composite inputs first, at least it will confirm the hdmi / hdcp issue.

Sep 12 2017 23:47

take a look here. These guys will explain it better than me... the newer sky boxes wont have component to do that cheap fix option and i dont know if putting a 720p option onto a 65inch 4k tv will give me what im paid for... Most of my cases i have seen if hdcp is an issue it usually comes down to the hdmi cable or the tv (tv firmware may not be upto date or compatible yet etc), particularly some LG tvs are a pain in the arse when doing multi room setups. I dont wanna be advertising here so wont say the brand i use but basically i use a simple hdmi 2.0 embedder that is compliant with hdcp 2.2 handshaking and basically if you are having issues with hdcp still even though you know everything in line is good (video source and distribution,audio source, cables etc) then this device will trick the sky box into accepting the handshake... they go for about $150+gst for these devices. Just search hdcp 2.0 embedder and you will see a few options.

Sep 13 2017 17:54

Had similar situation, , found that the areril coax cables and TPS 230v cables lying all over each other in the ceiling space. Once I seperated them the problem went away.