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Posted By Topic: led driver

Sep 12 2017 20:24

hi has anyone come across this led driver before? Link Com model lcce-050t202-20 i could not see a name plate on the fitting so maybe someone here has fitted them before and could tell me who supplies spare parts for them.


Sep 12 2017 20:28

here is a link to better photos.

Sep 12 2017 21:09

Instead of hunting around for the same brand and model (which could be obsolete), you could use the information you have a look at other brands like Halcyon, Hugo etc.

26VDC, 2A, constant current.

Sep 12 2017 23:30

that one is easy... take it down to the wholesaler (someone with a bit of knowledge) and say "please can you find this or an equivalent. Thank you"