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Posted By Topic: surface sockets used for projectors

Sep 13 2017 00:51

Hey just a quick question to resolve a ongoing debate between my coworkers. One believes that a surface socket outlet (non switched) can be installed in a commercial ceiling space to be used to plug a projector in with no other means of isolation to the surface socket apart from the CB located over 10mtrs away in a cupboard (which he has also stated is his form of isolation for maintenance purposes....)
His interpretation is that the remote for the projector is his form of immediate isolation.... he then goes on to say that the surface socket is not accessible without a ladder which isnt easily available in this tenancy so his first point of isolation would be the remote to the projector or if an issue is present then the circuit breaker is available to the customer....his other point once questioned as to maintenance on the connection point to the projector that will still be live if plugged in (without turning off the circuit breaker) is that his form of isolation will be to pull the lead out from the surface socket....

Other work mate says hes a right f wit and how is this even a debate or how did he pass his regs exam... just put a damn switched socket outlet up and stop being a wanker.

Can anyone please clarify whom is correct in this instance and would i be better to specify AS/NZS 3000:2007 or ASNZS3112-2017 or ASNZS3100-2017?

I found this rather amusing today and would like to put them at ease but need help to pin point the correct reference and the correct wording to defend myself with lol...


Sep 13 2017 07:25

I think he is right about not needing the isolation but I also agree with the other guy, for the cost of putting in a switched socket, which he doesn't even have to pay for I would just do that.

Sep 13 2017 08:00

There is no requirement for isolation of the projector. As for isolating the socket or circuit, the circuit breaker is the isolator the same as almost every other circuit.

In general, every socket outlet requires a switch. But there is an exception in

A socket-outlet that is rated at not more than 10 A, installed for the connection of a fixed or stationary appliance or a luminaire and that is not readily accessible for other purposes, need not be controlled by a switch.

So if he he really wanted to, this exception could apply.

Sep 13 2017 08:44

If "in a commercial ceiling space" refers to a suspended ceiling, it isn't "readily accessible". Even on the ceiling would not be "readily accessible", provided above 2 m.
So Exception 2 to applies.
However even when present the switch isn't there for (and cannot provide) isolation, it's there for control only.

The remote for the projector can't provide isolation either.

So the answer is that neither of these people is correct; one (at least) doesn't understand "isolation" and the other doesn't know the socket-switching rule.

Sep 13 2017 14:26

thanks guys, i have a feeling they will just turn around and both hit me with the answers given lol. But at least they will both be the wiser from here on out.