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Posted By Topic: Solar conduit

Sep 13 2017 13:21

In 5033 PV cables inside house, wall cavities etc need to be in heavy duty conduit. There is a special Marley’s solar conduit for this but there is no elbows or bends for this conduit , so I assume you would use normal heavy duty conduit elbows instead of medium duty conduit otherwise it would defeat the purpose ?

However, as an alternative says you can run UV resistant conduit external to the building as opposed to running heavy duty inside , can this be standard medium duty conduit which is UV resistant or does it need to be heavy duty as well?


Sep 13 2017 15:46

"PV array cables within a domestic building that are installed in ceiling spaces, wall cavities, under floors
shall be enclosed in metal or heavy-duty (HD) insulating conduit. When installed in a building, other than
those listed previously, the PV array cable shall be in medium duty conduit as a minimum.
Note: the intention of this is to provide additional protection for cables in locations where they may not be
visible, e.g. a person drilling a hole into a wall cavity will hit the conduit first before making contact with the
cables. Where cables are installed inside buildings but clearly visible (e.g. surface mounted conduit on
the inside a of garage wall), medium-duty (MD) conduit is acceptable as an alternative."

Medium duty conduit is acceptable inside eg garage, would it then be acceptable external to the building as well ? i assume so..?

Sep 13 2017 16:02

AS/NZS5033:2014 does not allow for any medium duty (MD) conduit to be installed in the ceiling space.
Ensure that the transition from MD to HD occurs at the point of penetration of the roof.
Alternatively, UV rated HD corrugated conduit could be used where the cable enters the ceiling space.

So yes you can use medium duty conduit external of buildings for solar cables


Sep 13 2017 19:54

Given that AS/NZS5033:2014 is NOT cited in ESR's any solutions that differ from solutions provided in the 2014 may not be acceptable.

AS/NZS5033:2012 is the only acceptable version to be working to.

Sep 14 2017 09:04

Since the cited Standard doesn't allow more than 300 mm of array cabling within the building (unless there's an array switch disconnector), the need for bends should be minimal. However contrary to OP, Marley do have bends etc for their HD conduit. Also there is HD flexible conduit available.

So even with an array switch disconnector, thus allowing the cable to be run within the building, there are options available without trying to find the mythical "metallic high density PVC" referred to by the combination of clause & ESRs citation. In fact best not to try working out the mess that has been made of that clause, as even with the "correction" in Schedule 2 of ESRs, it contradicts both itself and clause

Either fit the switch disconnector, or stick to the 300 mm limit; and use HD within building and UV resistant externally. That way you can't be wrong.