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Posted By Topic: Registration requirement for switchboard wiring

Oct 01 2017 22:58

Hi all, I have a question regarding the requirement of registration by doing switchboard wiring work in a factory here in NZ. Do we need to hold a registration class to do wiring in panels? Even the board has no clue on this, and asked to refer a registered electrical inspector for further clarification.

Some mentioned that panel wiring is similar to assembling, which can be done by anyone with the job position: assembler. Isn\'t wiring a panel an installation job and will require registration through the board?

Some said that Electrical Service Technician is sufficient to do panels wiring. But if a new panel wiring is referring as installation, then I think we need an electrician to carry out the work.

Anyone with better understanding kindly enlighten the doubt please. Thank you.

Oct 01 2017 23:09

Check this thread and references and see if they answer your question.

Oct 02 2017 08:34

If you mean installation of or alterations to an existing switchboard, definitely PEW and PL required.

If you mean manufacturing switchboards that will be installed on other sites, then your boss has a choice.
Basically can either \"manufacture\" to appropriate switchboard Standard(s), and provide compliance documentation accordingly -no PL required, just like manufacturing / assembling any other type pf electrical equipment.
Or can treat as PEW, use licenced workers, and have the work certified on CoCs.