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Posted By Topic: Set of Flats

Oct 13 2017 16:24

Hey all,

Just wondering who is responsible for the main earth at a block of flats(4)?
The main M.E.N meter board is on the outside of the first flat and goes out to each distribution board. I haven\'t been able to sight the main earth, but I think it\'s the old water pipe (Street looks like it\'s had water pipe upgrades so I don\'t trust it)
Customer wants to upgrade her flat: Switchboard/circuit protection; new outlets; and new lighting.

I was able to test from the earth busbar to a water pipe coming up from the ground and continuity was good, earth loop result from a power point in her flat was good.

So I suppose my questions come down to:
-Do I need run a new earth/ drive new earth peg? And, if so, who\'s responsibility is it to pay?

-Can I upgrade distribution board and equipment in her flat? even though I can\'t site the main earth electrode?