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Posted By Topic: Knee pads

Oct 14 2017 10:45

hi,i need some recommendations for some decent knee pads.Ones that wont slip down and don't cut into the back of my knees.How much and where to get them would be much appreciated thanks.

Oct 14 2017 10:59

I use long work pants with built in knee pad pockets, and have the pads in there all the time. I just have regular foam pads with the straps removed.

Of course if you want to wear shorts, it's a different matter I suppose..

Oct 14 2017 12:28

Was put onto EAZI-FIT knee protectors by a plumber. They are comfortable and I have no issues wearing them all day.


Oct 14 2017 13:46

I use these Ergodyne ones :

Onto my second pair as the first went missing. The big strap at the back is super comfortable and it doesn't slip.

Oct 14 2017 16:35

Thanks will try those Trademe ones

Feb 04 2018 18:38

I use syzmik work pants with knee pad pockets that you can put their removeable knee pads into. Their knee pads used with their pants are the best ive ever used. They even swap into my cactus pants and work really well too. You could literally walk along trusses on your knees all day long and have no discomfort and no adjustments. Best knee protection available if your a pants wearer. not sure about stand alone knee pads with shorts though

Feb 06 2018 10:37

i have searched long and hard for the perfect pads trying on something like 25-30 different styles and settled on thes from ja russell Part Number: PADK-N01
Barcode: 9414410152043

having them not too bulky to interfere with anything in sidepockets is one thing (usually got a phone in there and don't want it to push the pads down etc,
easy on the body straps are important round the back of the knee, that's a very sensitive part of the body and if that get's irritated it swells and then it's tougher to wear them the next day, as is the sweat issues which make them slippery. dont get any with hard front shells, these are ok for flooring workers but when you get in a ceiling on tmber a nightmare.