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Posted By Topic: Arcinnovations Meter

Dec 02 2017 15:54

Is anyone able to tell me if the Arcinnovations Meter with model number Q1MR-1T has a built in ripple controller? Trying to find wiring diagram on the internet, with no luck.

Dec 06 2017 20:39

Short answer - no. The Q1MR is a very basic 1 phase 1 register electronic meter with analogue display. To get inbuilt ripple control you'd need a smart meter - a EDMI MK7A, or MK10D for example, and only if programmed to incorporate the ripple function. Most meter equipment providers don't use this programable option and opt to install a separate ripple control relay like an Enermet R03 type.

Dec 07 2017 07:17

Thanks, I contacted Vector and they advise that the meter doesn't have a ripple but to check if it was installed over a grey box in behind it and if so, that is where the ripple controller is. And sure enough it was. Owner of the property upgraded the hotwater cylinder so had to put the 1mm control cable onto a relay.