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Posted By Topic: Before NZECP24

Dec 06 2017 14:21

May be showing my age here a little but can anyone tell me what the standard, COP, or otherwise was for installations prior to 1993 when ECP24 was issued?

Dec 06 2017 15:05

R 94 of the 1976 Regs was the governing rule.
Notes to the Reg cited various other documents - none of which I have.


Dec 06 2017 15:06

ECP 24 came out I think in about 1993 and they referenced AS2381.1 prior to that the regs only referenced a Britsh standard that explosion proof equipment had to comply with, which was BS229 ( NZSS 379 ) .
The wiring standard followed from around 1976 until AS2381 series came out was MP 6105, this was an extract from AS3000 part 1.


Dec 06 2017 15:33

There are 15 Notes.
Note 1 cites NZ Publication MP 6105: Electrical Wiring in Hazardous locations as the \"minimum acceptable requirements for compliance with R 94.
Note 2 deals with flameproof enclosures, then Note 3 cites AS C98, JIS C 0905, VDE 0171, and relevant UL standards as \'suitable\" for flameproof
4 calls for a seal in any conduits etc,
5 - 7 deal with intrinsically safe
8 cites a bunch of docs for instrinsically safe including NZS 633.

Up to 15 which covers vehicle servicing pits; and including Note 13 about explosive risks in hospital operating theatres citing a dept of Health document ( maybe they were still using ether as anaesthetic?)

So the appropriate document to (try to) find depends on exactly what aspect you are dealing with


Dec 06 2017 16:22

Thanks Alec, that seems to back up my thinking that MP 6105 was the relevant document

Dec 07 2017 15:20

Thanks very much Gents. I knew someone would have an idea.

Feb 01 2018 17:27

AlecK, these 15 notes that you mentioned, where exactly are they as I downloaded the Electrical Wiring Regulations 1976 but cant find the notes.


Feb 01 2018 17:56

That is because the EWR regulations 1961 and 1976 (metric aizing) had no notes or very few notes because it is the legislation document.

It was the Handbook to the EWR 1961 and 1976 that contains the onsiderable volume of additional information usually in the Note format.

Some may still have a copy (like I do) but I\'m not aware of a soft copy being readily available of the Handbook to EWR 1961 and 1976.

Feb 01 2018 18:13


Thanks for that !!