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Posted By Topic: Penetrations in new build - who's responsible?

Dec 12 2017 19:28

Who is responsible for maintaining the weather tightness of the building wrap?

The LBP or the electrician?

I would've though that seeing as builders are trained and qualified in that area then it should be their responsibility.

What are your thoughts?

Dec 12 2017 20:25

I suppose its commonsense: if you have installed a cable penetration for an outside light or copper tubing for an exterior heat pump BEFORE the builder has installed the building wrap then the builder would seal and wrap around accordingly. On the other hand if you installed these things AFTER the wrap has been installed then it would be your responsibility to tell the builder to address it or to do it yourself. The building inspector will point it out if it hasn't been sealed properly.

Dec 12 2017 20:29

Do you not get taught how to put tradeseals around your wires?

Dec 12 2017 21:10

I have always put tradeseals on but at the last job the LBP didn't want tradeseals and wanted to use Aliband instead.

He also pointed out the issue with tradeseals and conduit where if a light fitting fills up with water then the conduit provides a nice path for that water to enter the building. Whereas with aliband the water gets no further than the cavity and drips out the vermin strip.

It got me thinking, why are we responsible for the weather tightness of the penetrations, when its the LBP who is trained in this area and will ultimately be the one to cop the blame.

Dec 12 2017 21:54

Useless lazy p.o.s. you're the reason builders hate sparky's. If you penetrate then you must make sure it's legit. You can communicate with the builders and sort the issue or seal your penetrations to the standards required yourself. Go get an office job if you don't want to deal with the real world.

Dec 13 2017 07:06

The council around my area require propietry flasings (trade seals). I understand the builders concerns. Maybe axe the conduit and get him to aluband the cable to the trade seal. Satisfys AS1/E2, the council and the builders concerns. Everyone's happy.

Dec 13 2017 08:36

"Who is responsible for maintaining the weather tightness of the building wrap?

The LBP or the electrician?"

Who is responsible will depend on whether or not the work is subject to building consent.

If there's a building consent, as for a new-build; the LBP listed on it for weather-tightness has to sign it off & carry the can - so quite rightly gets the final say.

Where we add things later, generally no Building Consent needed and it's on us to ensure we comply with Building Code.

Same principle applies to structural (eg drilling holes in framework) and other disciplines.


Dec 13 2017 15:12

Put the shoe on the other foot. If a builder does some work that affects the safety of electrical work, they're responsible for what they've done, and you're responsible if you sign off on the safety after they've done their work.

Dec 30 2017 21:32

What about all the monkeys smashing holes for the solar arrays. Sometimes over 50 penetrations go figure