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Posted By Topic: Caravan Woef

Dec 12 2017 19:30

Can a registered electrician issue a WOEF on a freshly imported, second hand caravan, or is this only for brand new installs?

Dec 13 2017 07:32

Depends what country of origin for the new caravan imported and if a Part 1 type of WoEF inpection is being carried out.

If the overseas country is AUSTRALIA compliance with AS/NZS 3001 is likely, but the rest of the World a part 1 solution is used. If part 1 is being used an inspector is required.

In the case of Australia and no alterations made or PEW been carried out the same rules as a re-inspection for a WoEF, use an inspector.

Dec 13 2017 07:36

Caravans are from the UK and require replacement of the rcbo and sockets.

So in this case an inspector would have to issue the woef?

Dec 13 2017 08:29


Dec 13 2017 09:14

The wording of ESR 78(1)(c), that allows issue of WoEF by "the person who did the certification"; is: "in relation to a connectable installation".
That means an entire connectable installation, else it would say "or part installation".
Accordingly it cannot apply to imports, nor to alterations; only to complete new-builds.

For Australian imports, while many are OK, care is needed. They should generally comply, as we use the same Standard. However in Oz RCDs don't have to be Type A.
Also some States don't treat caravans as installation work at all, and anyone can do the wiring. Even factory-built ones that you would expect to comply with the Standard unfortunately sometimes don't.