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Posted By Topic: To adapt new CAD plugin to New Zealand

Dec 14 2017 01:00

Hello. I would like to get a little help from this forum electrical engineers.
There is a new software for electrotechnical calculations (up to 1kV) and for design of electrical part of street lighting installations. I would like to adapt it to street lighting networks in New Zealand.
Are there engineers who design street lighting installations and who can help me?

Mar 11 2018 01:14

Good day all. There was not one answer for two months!
To adapt this software to street lighting designers in New Zealand I really need a very little help. The question is - What cables (underground and overhead) are used in New Zealand to build street lighting installations? For example, I need to design a lighting system of a big road junction.

Mar 11 2018 09:16

The system of supply for streetlights is different if located in a public road (TN-C) to those fittings which are located on private land and supplied from a electrical installation (TN-C-S).

The cable codes used to indicate cable construction in AU/NZ are different to those used in Europe.

Mar 25 2018 23:01

Thank you very much! As I understand a nomenclature for cable types used in street-lighting installations in New Zealand is similar to BS. Isn\'t it?

Can you give me several links to cable manufactures in New Zealand?