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Posted By Topic: Generator selection

Dec 14 2017 21:58

Used 16KVA caterpillar generator has 3000 working hours.

is the usage hours are considered to be within the normal range?

Dec 15 2017 07:12

It depends on how the running hours have or are going to occur and be a desiel engine (not a petrol engine)

If continuously running (as the only power supply) a good grade engine will do about 8000 hours before a complete rebuild or replacement is necessary.

If the running on a short periods (for testing and power supply failures) will do about 5000 to 6000 hours before a complete rebuild or replacement is necessary.

All the above estimates assume regular oil changes, good clean fuel with no water in suspenion, set has good cooling of engine and low back pressure on the exhast system when the engine is running, and lastly, the electrical loading is greater than 70 to 80 % of rated output (running at below 70 % load will wet stack the engine and destroy the engine if it occurs for extended periods.

Dec 15 2017 20:22

Damn, that sounds horribly dire. Especially the 70% minimum loading.


Dec 17 2017 11:24

When you also add consideration of non-linear loading (high power electronics) and mediun to large motor starting considerations, the correct selection of a generating set rating is a complex sum and hard to get right in all installations.