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Posted By Topic: flexi cable for mains permenant power

Dec 16 2017 17:53

Recently a staff member used orange 1.5mm flex to wire between light fittings in conduit cemented into a concrete fence. Customer complained about the account then said after advice that the flexible cable was not compliant. To be honest I would not of used flex for permanent wiring we were just always taught not to do this as I guess most electricians were. But the question remains is this cable compliant? I am not sure where to even look for the answer. The threat is to complain to the EWRB and of course this is cheaper than having to pay the bill. The customer by the way won a big win on lotto many years ago. I would appreciate any help you can offer.

Dec 16 2017 19:47

Depends on situation, flexible cable is typically brown/blue/gnyl.

In a domestic situation blue is not allowed for neutral for fixed wiring, only exceptions is for connection of fixed appliances/pendant lights etc.

So I guess you need to clarify if its a domestic install or not

Dec 16 2017 20:15

I haven’t AS/NZS handy but it is perfectly acceptable to use flex in fixed wiring as long as it is HD flex. Also I think (without looking) need to sleeve the A & N cores. Earth should already be gn/y so no need to sleeve that.
Just have a search in 3000.

Dec 16 2017 20:29

Post from Aug 2015 with details.
If you search flex up top will give you a few more discussions.

Dec 17 2017 08:04

Thank you answers it perfectly. That takes allot of stress out of my life the customer had said she was going to the EWRB and win or loose that would be such allot of effort and cost.