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Posted By Topic: off grid cabin

Dec 19 2017 06:33

Hi do you need a earth peg for a cabin switch board that will only be run by a generator or a small solar/inverter unit?

Dec 19 2017 07:44

you have two options I would expect the number of fittings to be small so the options are

1. Isolated supply; would require the use of double potection devices and control switches and ideally double insulated fittinga and applicances. This option ideally the generating set and inverter to be of insulated construction and in the case of the inverter NOT be a transformer-less type and capable of providing an isolated supply. Still protective earth cores in all cabling.

2. Use an earth electrode would enable single pole potection devices and control switches and it would not matter what type of fittinga and applicances are used.

Dec 19 2017 08:26

Yes its small just 3 led lights and 2 power points

Dec 19 2017 08:56

with 3 lLED ight and 2 power points keeping it double insulated would be Ok but the generatingset and inverter will also need to be isolated. No cheapie chinese gnerating set which are NOT isolated.