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Posted By Topic: Solar on motorhomes and caravans

Dec 20 2017 20:15

Solar work If done professionally, and at extra low voltage , do the installers need to follow as/nz s 5033 and 3001 as its not low voltage , therefore not PEW?

Dec 20 2017 22:41

"do the installers need to follow as/nz s 5033 and 3001"

Yes they do, because ESR 59 says "low and extra-low voltage installations" must comply with "3000"; and ESR 60 says if they are to part 2, they must also comply with "5033". If to Part 1, must be following a CD.

"as its not low voltage, therefore not PEW"

Schedule 1 defines what is PEW, and most ELV (other than medical and hazardous) isn't. In you scenario the PV would generally not be "associated with" any voltage above ELV, so not PEW. The crunch comes with using the ELV to power an inverter to supply LV, which would seem to create an "association" between the ELV and the LV - but ES has declared otherwise. Personally I don't think the words support their interpretation, but the problem is with the words not with their intent.

Dec 21 2017 11:16

Loosely related - Does a Pt 1 ELV installation require inspection? (Question I have had raised). My instinct says no (not PEW there for not high risk - ref ESR 6A) but others have suggested different.

Dec 21 2017 11:46

Depends where it is , if it is in a Hazardous location or a medical area or a mining location then it is PEW , if not then you would be correct.

Dec 21 2017 13:35

Yes, before being classified as any "risk group" it first has to be PEW as per Schedule 1
Then second it has to be work on an "installation"

which raises the grey area as to whether a "connectable installation" can be fitted into the definition of "installation".
"Common sense" suggests yes, but common sense has little to do with interpreting law - and these two definitions are in the Act, along with "point of supply" which is key to working out where an "installation" starts (if it has one).

I suspect that leaves us in a situation where a Part 2 ELV PV must comply with "5033"; but a Part 1 ELV PV doesn't - just has to comply with part 1 , and be covered by a CD that ensures it is no less safe than a Part 2.