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Posted By Topic: Microinverter Solar - Conduit Requirements

Dec 22 2017 13:37

AS/NZS5033:2014 refers to heavy duty conduit required for DC circuits, however on a microinverter install, the DC never leaves the roof.

Has anyone done any Microinverter installs and what conduit if any have you used?

Dec 22 2017 14:43

Just remember that AS/NZS 3000 in clause requires that ALL PVC conduit has to be protected from solar (sun) exposure; or be of a type that withstand solar exposure.

This tequirement is irrespective of being an DC or AC circuit.

The white conduit marked "solar" is designed to withstand solar exposure without any additional precautions, so recommend that you use the white conduit marked "solar" for the AC output of the microinverters. Remembsr to protect the isolating switch if it is plastic and NOT designed for continuous exposure to the sun.

Dec 23 2017 15:34

I used normal medium density conduit on my roof for the ac. The only dc with micro inverters is under the panel directly into the micro inverter and there is no need of conduit on those leads. Just make sure the dc leads are clear of the roof itself in compliance with ASNZS 5033