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Posted By Topic: Inspection of own work

Dec 24 2017 09:39

I've just returned from 13 years in Oz and endeavouring to understand the changes here for electrical workers. I'm registered as an inspector. Can I inspect my own work? See following copied from the Electrical Workers website regarding my qualification permissions See (f): Electrical Inspector (I)
(a) the installation, connection, or maintenance of conductors used in works or installations; and (b) the installation, connection, or maintenance of fittings where the fittings are connected, or intended to be connected, to conductors used in works or installations; and (c) work done on installations, fittings, or appliances that are intended solely for connection to, or are associated solely with, electricity supplies not exceeding extra-low voltage and are in a hazardous or medical area; and (d) the connection or disconnection of fittings to or from a power supply, other than by means of a plug or pin inserted into a socket, or an appliance connector inserted into an appliance inlet; and (e) the maintenance of appliances; and (f) the testing of their own work and the work of other authorised persons; and (g) the certification of work provided that they are authorised to carry out the type of PEW; and (h) the inspection of PEW; and (i) the supervision of PEW provided that they are authorised to carry out the type of PEW; but (j) excluding any PEW in relation to the above (a) - (i) in a Mining Operation.

Dec 24 2017 12:45

No you cannot inspect your own work or work carried out by someone under your supervision.

ESR71 (2)

must be done by another inspector

Dec 26 2017 19:03

This should not be a big concern for you due to the limited amount of work that needs to be Inspected here in New Zealand. If you are working in the normal domestic and commercial area then the only things that require inspection are the high risk areas. they are listed in Reg 6A.

Dec 27 2017 09:13

Thank you for that Gentlemen. That's what I understood also, but in the enclosed description of work permitted by an inspector it says, "and (f) the testing of their own work and the work of other authorised persons;"

Am I misreading this somehow?

Dec 27 2017 09:23

Yes you can test and certify (issue Coc) your own work. But only work that is classed as general work or low risk work. If you do high risk work then then you must get an inspector to inspect and issue an ROI. the person issuing the COC cannot also issue the ROI for the same work. Thats why you will have to get an indeprndant inspector in.

Dec 27 2017 11:53

Remember that "inspection" carries two slightly different meanings depending on the document the term is used in.
AS/NZS 3000 requires "inspection & testing" of work under Section 8.
"Inspection" of high risk PEW by an "Inspector" , as required under ESRs, is an extra level of checking in addition: refer ESRs 63 & 70.

WRT the limits of work for Inspectors set by EWRB, "testing of their own work and that of others" covers the fact that an Inspector has to test other people's work as an intrinsic part of carrying out their inspection. The work must already have been tested by someone else prior to being certified; testimng by the inspector is part of the inspector doing "whatever tests, visual inspection, or other actions are necessary to satisfy" them that the work being inspected has been done i.a.w. the ESRs and will be electrically safe when enlivened. If the LoW didn't allow an inspector to test other peoples' work, they couldn't do their job as Inspectors.

Incidentally, if you look at the LoW for "Electrician" class of registration / licence; they are limited to testing their own work.
This is (yet another) stuff-up by EWRB, who decide the classes and the LoW for each. It means an electrician can't test anyone else's work, including their apprentices and co-tradesmen. The ESRs place no such restriction on testing; and never have. It has only recently been introduced in this latest version of LoW.

This sort of disconnect between Regulations and EWRB rules has been going on since 1993. Given that the Board sit in judgement on our competence, is it really too much to expect that they would have got their thinking lined up with Energy Safety's after nearly a quarter-century? Especially now that they both come under MBIE?

Dec 27 2017 15:16

Thank once again! Yes, I see the point now, and the ambiguity between the two authorities at times as explained.

You are providing valuable resource here Ron, and excellent input from yourself and experienced contributors. Thank you all very much.