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Posted By Topic: three phase japanese charger four pin 230 volt

Dec 24 2017 14:25

i folks, i have a three phase four pin charger for lithium ion batteries, need to get it plugged in here in new zealand , anyone got any suggestions its 19 amp? thanks

Dec 24 2017 19:39

An electrician might be able to help you.

Dec 25 2017 06:15

Japan has an interesting supply situation, primary single phase voltage 100V, but depending on where could be delivered at either 50Hz or 60Hz.

Three phase step down transformer could be a solution, or talk to Stanbury Electric Engineering in Christchurch,they manufacture traction battery chargers and can advise you on options.

Dec 25 2017 08:05

i am a sparky, just a last minute solution required as there's an all electric bike turned up yesterday in wanganui ready for the cemetery circuit races, and they needed the charger to be sorted we
ll enough to be charging during race day, be interesting to see

Dec 25 2017 09:01

If the 230v goes into a 3 phase bridge rectifier you may get by just putting the supply across 2 phases. I’ve done this with some vfd’s from Japan. It just reduces the load output. See if you can find some specs or installation instructions.