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Posted By Topic: socket for pool equipment only

Dec 30 2017 04:09

looking at putting a socket for a swimming pool, zoning is ok but it states a socket for pool equipment only is allowed. how does one ensure they won't unplug it and put in something else? is it a coded plug or is clearly labelling it pool only expected or what?

Dec 30 2017 08:50

One relies on the fact that unplugging the pool equipment means it stops working.
Wiring Rules don't require us to control what some plonker might possibly do; they are written for "normal" people. In the same way, we assume people standing in a shower are unlikely to leave the door / curtain ope & naim the nozzle directly at electrical items outside the shower cubicle.
I presume your socket will be in Zone 1, and you're applying (b). In which case it will be IPX5, and located as per (A) or (B), and will have the pool equipment plugged in already - so the fact that unplugging is going to stop something working will be obvious.
If you want to go another step, a label saying "pool equipment only" is not a silly idea, but not a requirement.