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Posted By Topic: Dishwasher cutting off due to high voltage?

Dec 30 2017 09:07

Hi All,

Just wondering if anyone had any advice on the below problem that a customer just emailed with. I have never struck this kind of thing before, thus am not too sure what the best course of action would be?

Thanks in advance :-)

'Our dishwasher has recently started tripping off repeatedly during the
wash cycle, the Bosch repairman advised it was because the voltage was
241.8, and the dishwasher has a limiter in it which stops higher than
expected voltage coming in. He said we should ask the power company to
install something to limit the voltage coming into the house, but they
have advised below that they don't do that.

Is this something you can help us with?'


Dec 30 2017 10:05

The power company is likely to be correct the maximum voltage they are pemitted to supply is 243.8 volts and is controlled by New Zealand Electrical regulations.

The dish washer having an upper limit of 241.8 volts is NOT fit for purpose for use in New Zealand in view of the legal limits fixed for the power supply. Get the dishwasher fixed to be able to be operated on the legal limits of the New Zealand power supply voltage.