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Posted By Topic: Carbon Track

Dec 30 2017 21:41

Does this device need an SDoc for NZ. basically it a energy monitoring device with CTs on various circuits and the ability to switch circuits. It mounts adjacent to switchboard and connects permanently supplied with 230 volts.

Dec 31 2017 08:11

Only classes of fitting Gazetted as "declared medium risk articles" need an SDoC. List available on ES website.

Dec 31 2017 11:54

Thanks had a look. I get the idea there are a few hole whereby articles like above can enter the NZ market.

Dec 31 2017 12:58

Not so much loopholes but more likely things that are not considered to present sufficient risk to the general public.

Most of the DMRA items are things that would be used by people on a daily basis.

Also this type of product was most likely not thought of when the DMRA list was compiled.