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Posted By Topic: Suggestions for 300m connection

Jan 04 2018 08:35

Could someone please suggest some possible options for me?
I have a 3ha site and will be developing 13 x 30m2 cabins for short term accommodation. The furthest cabin is about 300m from the road, the closest about 100m. I\'m thinking that 300m might be too far for underground cabling and am also concerned about the cost. I could run the cable along overhead poles for the first 200m, if that helps. Thoughts please?

Jan 04 2018 08:37

I forgot to mention that I am also thinking about solar but would like some advice as to whether this would add or reduce the total cost. Thanks

Jan 04 2018 09:49

There's no such thing as "too far"; the limiting factor is cost.
And while the cost goes up with distance, for both u/g & o/h cabling, it goes up similarly for both - the key factor is loading.

Assuming feed from one end of a straight line; to keep costs down, you'll probably want to do one run and branch off it at various points along the way. Each section of the run will need to be sized for the total load to be carried to that point. But one long straight line may not be the ideal configuration. Depending on site layout and relative proximity of network supply, maybe a star or line formation fed centrally would be better.

You need to discuss your plans with someone who can design a specification for you; based on how much load you need at each cabin and all the other factors. You should expect to pay for this design service. Armed with a specification - or may two specifications (u/g & o/h) - you can get quotes.

Solar is likely to be significantly costlier for initial installation, but may be viable over the long term by reducing line charges. The configuration of a solar set-up will depend on things like whether you want things to work at night (requiring either batteries or a mains connection); whether you want each cabin to operate independently or all as a group; etc. These various solar configurations will multiply the design work and the potential number of different specifications; but all will be based on delivering the desired amount of power to each cabin.

There are far too many variables for any advice given here to be specific.


Jan 04 2018 19:31

solar is generally expensive . Also needs a different mind set. ie conservation . assume these cabins wilk be rented. renters will not be interested in conserving power on a cloudy day .

Jan 04 2018 21:31

What will be in each cabin in terms of current? How many wall sockets? Lights? Fixed heaters? Will each cabin have it's own sub-board/MCB's?