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Posted By Topic: IPx4 bathroom fan heater

Jan 05 2018 14:17

Do IPx4 bathroom fan heaters exist?

Just been to quote on a couple of HTR installs and found a fan heater in zone 2. Rating plate not visible. Just wondering if it was compliant.

Jan 05 2018 20:27

Can't say i've seen a IPx4 fan heater, by it's very nature it would have to be open to draw air in an expel hot air.

IPx4 Protected against spray up to 60° from vertical.

Can see a fan heater having this kind of protection and been able to let out enough hot air to not have a meltdown.

Jan 05 2018 20:28

Serene used to have an IP x4 BFH, but I believe they stopped supplying it. a while back. Other than that I only know of IR "patio" types (which look nasty in a bathroom)

Jan 05 2018 20:56

Thanks guys. It's a fairly new home sold to the current owner a few months ago. Apparently he has the certs that cover the bathroom. I got the impression the homeowner intends to ask for a please explain.

The HTR will be looped off some other circuit so I don't reconnect the wall heater on my ESC.

Jan 05 2018 20:57

Dimplex in the UK make a bloody nice one with a timer and I imported a few recently as could not find anything rated in NZ.

Jan 06 2018 08:22

What price roughly Medistat?

Jan 06 2018 08:53

Medistat, that looks nice. Did you follow the approvals process for a declared high risk article? If so, keen to hear your thoughts on how well (or not) that process worked.

Jan 06 2018 11:52

From memory, they were about £40 ea plus £10 for freight, that would have been 8-10 years ago but they are still available.

Jan 06 2018 14:54

If it was that long ago then it predates the 2010 regs. Was there a high risk register back then. AlecK or Pluto might recall.

Jan 09 2018 12:52

Pre-2010 there were no DMRAs and DHRAs but there were Declared Articles and specified fittings that needed a Declaration of Conformance, so almost the same thing. I know that goes back to at least 1997, and I'm pretty sure back to the 1993 regs also, but I'm not familiar with what was in force before then...

Jan 11 2018 20:23

How far back so the current zone definitions apply? Just realised I could be looking at a heater that complied at the time it was installed before the rules changed.

Is there an authoritative history of the wiring rules? A webpage that lists all versions and when the changes took effect?

Jan 11 2018 21:45

Yes you definitely can - I installed one for a client, he purchased it online from overseas from memory - if you google hard enough you’ll find some.

This was a really good looking one & pretty much looked like a mini panel heater.

Trouble is most ipx4 ones are really ugly - but you can find them if you look hard enough.

Jan 12 2018 18:41

Prior to the introduction of AS/NZS3000:2007 ECP2 covered electrical installations in damp areas. The zones do not appear to have changed but the description of the type of heater allowed is somewhat disjointed.
ECP2 Section 2.4 gives the IP ratings required for items installed in the various zones.
ECP2 Section 4.6 deals with heater for bathrooms.
There are also zone drawings in ECP2 for the various damp areas.
That gets us back to 1993 ish.

Jan 12 2018 20:49

Thanks Sarmajor. Was ECP2 mandatory? Where could I find a copy for reference?

Jan 12 2018 22:17

The electricity act 1992 section 36 allows the secretary (now Worksafe) to issue codes of practice.

The currently available issue of ECP 2 was issued by the Sectretary of Commerce and signed into law by John Liston the hen minister of energy.
The ECP's we E mandatory but were replaced in the main when AS/NZS3000:2000 was cited in 2003.

Jan 13 2018 08:13

Thanks Sarmajor, I understand that. Only the currently cited ECPs are listed on Worksafe for download. Where might I find previously cited ECPs?

Jan 13 2018 17:38

Google will bring them up. "Electrical Code 2 NZ" should work.

Jan 13 2018 20:55

Thanks again. I don't know how many search terms I tried to no avail. Got it now, thanks.

Jan 15 2018 09:20

For future reference the NZ legislation page allows you to see historical Acts and Regs for the past decade or two (use the versions and amendments tab), and has handy notes on when the various clauses were last changed by which amendment. For older legislation you can get scanned versions of the original paper Acts and Regs (no handy notes) from (look for databases, then Acts or Regulations). These go right back to 1841 for some Acts.

ECPs can usually be found by searching for NZECP xx, and publication dates for earlier versions would be in the Gazette.