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Posted By Topic: Scrapping TPS

Jan 14 2018 21:26

So I was looking at buying/making a cable stripper for the pile of old TPS I got at the back of the workshop.

A) What are ppl getting for it stripped. As in straight copper

B) What are ppl getting for it without the white outer, so just as "conduit" wire

C) What are ppl getting for it "all in" with all the other crap wire we pull out of our jobs or straight TPS with sheath.

D) What do you do with all the PVC you strip off??

E) Is it even worth it? Or just something to entertain the kids with on long weekends?


Jan 14 2018 21:55

Hi Tex

Scrap prices vary, so worth a few phone calls, but as an approximation:

Bare bright copper around $6Kg

PVC covered wire $2.50 Kg

Depends where you are selling it too,check out this link for metalcorp's buy prices

Jan 15 2018 08:24

I did an exercise a few years back where i compared the payback of (manually) stripping TPS. Yes the price goes up per kg, but at the same time the weight is reduced by about half. The time taken makes it not worth doing for small cables, and only worth it for larger cables if you have absolutely nothing more productive / enjoyable to fill in your day.

Looking at the price of the machines on offer, you'd have to be putting through an awful lot of cable to justify the cost.

The old way was to burn it, but these days that's environmentally not acceptable and anyway the price for "burnt" copper is much less than for clean.

Jan 15 2018 19:52

best and easiest way to improve the value is separate coated copper to clean copper, the only way you'll enjoy stripping copper is to roll up a big fat one and do it,

Jan 18 2018 14:08

Good job for the kids - make a bit of pocket money

Jan 18 2018 19:39

If you can get them to do it.
Mine didn't last long, even when I offered them the entire extra return from clean over covered.