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Posted By Topic: Short circuits calculator (IEC 60909) for Android

Jan 14 2018 22:49

Friends, I need help with my app testing.

Can I put my app link (Google Play) here?

Free, no ads.

This application (fault currents and voltages calculator) can be used for the following calculations:
- three-phase fault current (IEC 60909);
- two-phase without earth connection fault current (IEC 60909);
- two-phase with earth connection fault current (IEC 60909);
- phase to earth connection current (IEC 60909);
- total fault current (IEC 60909);
- positive sequence fault current (IEC 60909);
- negative sequence fault current (IEC 60909);
- zero sequence fault current (IEC 60909);
- three-phase fault voltage;
- two-phase without earth connection fault voltage;
- two-phase with earth connection fault voltage;
- phase to earth connection voltage;
- total fault voltage;
- positive sequence fault voltage;
- negative sequence fault voltage;
- zero sequence fault voltage.

Thank you for help!

Jan 14 2018 22:53

Results example:

Jan 16 2018 05:39

Please write your opinion here.

Jan 17 2018 07:56

I had a quick play - not very intuitive. Is there a help file or youtube video demonstrations?

warren at zl2aj dot com.

Jan 18 2018 06:27

Video on Vimeo: