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Posted By Topic: Scorching hot Towel rails

Jan 18 2018 22:18

Hey everyone

Was at a friends house with out my tools the other day and their neighbor asked me to took at their towel rails. I Didnt have tools with me.

They were heirloom ones, probably 10 years old at least. they were scorching hot like i couldn't believe- burnt my palm after touching it for 1 second !

any one ever come across something like this ?

Its rated at 75 watts. Suppose i need to put clamp meter on it next.

Jan 18 2018 23:59

Some are 110v units with a diode. If so diode could be shorted.

Jan 19 2018 08:27

Also check that it's hot over its entire length. Could be shorted half way.

Jan 19 2018 08:47

Arguably that's electrically unsafe - "significant risk that a person ... will be injured... directly... from the use of the ... appliance".
Also maybe under the property damage aspect; if the towels are likely to be scorched.

There are also rules in Section 4 that forbid installation of items with excessive temperature; but as an existing situation if ESR 5 says it's unsafe then ESR 113 says it is not allowed to remain in service. Repair or replace.

In judging whether a temperature is excessive, need to take into account normal conditions of operation and what a normal person would expect. Clause 4.2.3 & Table 4.1 provide useful guidance. For a HTR, max temp should not exceed 80 C.

Jan 25 2018 07:56

Jan 25 2018 13:55

A point to note , A towel rail will normally operate at a temperature to hot to grasp, especially if loaded.
Both the ambient temperature and how the towels are loaded can make a huge difference to the temperature.
A neatly folded towel doubled or tripled up on the rail can cause excess temperature .
Given the ambient temps we have been having lately I would suspect there is nothing wrong with it.
Check on Heirlooms website for installion instructions and usage guidelines


Jan 25 2018 17:48

fit a dsc short timer, they can drop the power usuage to 50%, that makes them safer for little kiddies and stoners.