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Posted By Topic: 3 Phase test tagging

Jan 18 2018 22:21

I was thinking of making up some 3 phase leads to test tag 3 phase with my single phase appliance tester.

Is it a matter of just connecting the 3 phases together on the test plug? Will that be legitimate for passing a test tag? cheers.

Jan 18 2018 23:58

Depends on what you are trying to test and what results are want. Some PAT testers have a 3 phase test function with the correct adapter unit. The one I last used you actually run the machine to get earth leakage currents.

Jan 19 2018 08:34

Anything with a contactor or similar - 3-phase or single phase - can't be IT tested unless the contactor is closed. Which gives you 2 options

Either manually close the contactor, and IR test with all 3 phases of the load connected together
Or do a leakage test, which requires the machine to be energised while you (or your PAT) measure the balance of current in all live conductors - which requires an adaptor lead so you can "clamp" these but exclude the PEC.