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Posted By Topic: Water toby earth electrode connection

Jan 22 2018 11:52

Today i cam across a water toby being used as the protection for an earth electrode connection. I am struggling to find justification for making the contractor replace it with (for example) the transnet alternative. I cant find anything to suggest it doesn't comply(3000... I don't like that it has "WATER" written on the lid so it is misleading. Is this common or acceptable?

Jan 22 2018 12:07

Agree it's misleading, and so not "good practice".
But probably doesn't break any rule, as would provide adequate mechanical protection. to the connection, and adequate accessibilty for testing. There are no requirements to use any form of proprietary enclosure
Location of electrode must be recorded at MSB, and this description could easily include "in water toby".

Jan 23 2018 09:17

Thanks AlecK, My thoughts exactly.
After doing a bit more homework on it you can get the lids with different symbols on them and "WW" seems to be the abbreviation for general toby box. You can even get them custom made with "Main Earthing Conductor" on them or whatever you wanted but that costs significantly more. Informed the sparky for next time

Jan 23 2018 09:28

I have in the past brought toby covers with NO labelling and if directly below an outside main switchboard it is very little need to lable.

Jan 23 2018 20:18

One advantage of dedicated electrode covers is they are designed to allow surface water to enter, thus keeping the soil moist - as required