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Posted By Topic: feed to circuit

Jan 22 2018 23:19

I am new to this country. Just have a question on what is the most often used way to wire up a light circuit in NZ. Is the feed run to a switch or to the lights, both would work, just interested in what most sparkies use in NZ, thanks.

Jan 23 2018 08:30

Loop at the switch is the way that I have done hor many years (50 years).

Looping at the light fitting terminals does not usually do not have too much room to do the looping connections required.

Jan 23 2018 21:50

As Pluto said, at the light switch. There’s not much saving in cable and cost doing it the other way by plating at the light fitting ( unless it’s in conduit in concrete buildings). Also, I believe, it’s easier when fault finding - you can whip off the light switch and separate the light cables rather than pulling down lights.

Jan 23 2018 22:55

A long time ago it was common to run the feed the to light eg in many villas. however comm practice now is to run to the switch much easier for fault finding