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Posted By Topic: EWRB Electrical Engineer registration option 2

Jan 23 2018 21:40

Hey guys I recently graduated with a diploma level 6 and I've decided to get a registration to do PEW. I noticed the requirement changed from 6000 hours to not less than one year practical experience at some point late in 2017. Ive emailed EWRB and I've heard one year and you can register then I asked a related question about how the experience was assessed as satisfactory to the board and they said that unless they had stated in an email or by an assessor that it would have to be 6000 hours. Has anyone been in the same situation?

Jan 23 2018 22:48

Where did you get the dipolma in electrical engineering level 6?

Jan 24 2018 19:31

Experience must be obtained under a trainee limited certificate. I.e you need to be employed as an electrical engineer or electrician and work under a supervisor. Then you can only conduct PEW that you have proven competence at to the board.

Jan 24 2018 20:18

Otago Polytechnic, is it relevant? I basically sorted it out today after a few more emails. EWRB seem really hard to get a straight answer from though. When I asked if not less than one year basically equated to 2000 hours I got a reply of 'if you have completed the entitlement criteria I suggest you do apply'

Jan 25 2018 05:41

The first thing you need to do is get the 2000 hours done. And get a letterhead document from your employer stating the actual work you have completed. If it's a large variety of electrical work then you won't have a problem. Did you work whilst study?

Jan 25 2018 22:11

Your diploma needs to be a 'National Diploma in Engineering(Electrotechnology)'. It can't be in Electronics or Process, etc, etc.

If it is then you need to get an employer (and they will need to be electrical registered) to sponsor you to apply for a 'Limited Certificate'.

Yes it is a minimum of a year PEW under superivor of your employer.

Jan 26 2018 13:50

As far as I can tell the the National Diploma in Engineering (Electrotechnology) doesn't exist anymore. There is no record of it on NZQA or anyone pr providing it currently. According to EWRB

Holds a Bachelor of Engineering (Electrical) qualification or a National Diploma in Engineering (Electrotechnology) (Level 6), or New Zealand Certificate in Engineering (Electrical); or
An equivalent qualification as determined by either the Institution of Professional Engineers of New Zealand or the New Zealand Qualifications Authority

So I should be all good as the Certificate is a one year lvl 3 vs a two year lvl 6 Diploma. I'll hit up my course coordinator but it should be fine surely.


Jan 26 2018 14:20

NZCE was the old qualification that went to level 6 i believe before the diploma in engineering came out and was/still is considered above the diploma by senior lecturers where i studied (AUT). the biggest hill you have to climb is proving you have the ability to safely carry out PEW to the board, assuming your diploma is an electrical diploma not an electronic one.

Jan 27 2018 13:23

Sorry but the EWRB will be picky if your Diploma is not exactly as listed by the EWRB. Approach IPENZ or the NZQA to get them to check your Diploma.

Your second option if IPENZ/NZQA say your qualification is not exactly the same as listed by EWRB is to get Skills Organisation to cross-credit you to the Electricians qualification. You will still have to find an Employer (Electrical Registered as an Assessor) to employ you and apply for a Trainee License. You will then need to complete the On-Job units to gain Electrical Registration & PL.