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Posted By Topic: SDOC Query

Jan 24 2018 17:19

Hi All

Could some one please point me in the right direction where I can find a list of the medium and high risk articles that require SDOCs

DO things like ceiling fans that people front up with from Mitre 10 have or should have one


Jan 24 2018 18:20

Energy Safety's website

Jan 24 2018 18:45

Thanks for that - Cant find a lot of relevance on their site it nows points to worksafe but doesnt jump out nad grab one

Anywhere in particular I should be looking

Jan 24 2018 19:33

Somewhere around here

Jan 24 2018 19:52

Thanks DougP much appreciated

Jan 24 2018 20:15

After some help and trudging through the medium and High Risk Product list under fans it details wall - duct etc, would it be the intention that all fans would be included as the high risk item

Worksafe definition:

Declared article: Fan
(includes wall fans, portable fans, duct fans, extractor fans)

An electrical appliance that—

is a household type;
has a primary function of moving air in its vicinity for comfort or extraction purposes; and
is self-contained
and includes—

any associated ancillary equipment.

This is clearly what a ceiling fan does, just wanting to get my facts correct before i go through the pain of trying to get an SDOC out of Mitre 10


Jan 25 2018 07:49

Have a read of this...

Also you could possibly find your sDoc on line.

Jan 25 2018 08:44

Don't forget that the SDoC / Approval system relates to sale / supply.
There's no requirement for an installer to sight one.

The only relevance of such compliance documentation when installing equipment is if you can't decide whether or not the item is electrically safe. In which case you can rely on the documentation, as long as you are acting in good faith.

So if you truly think it's unsafe, an SDoC won't cover you. And if you don't have any doubts about safety, why waste time on chasing an SDoC? The best you can get is that the SDoC will state what Standard the item is claimed to comply to, and you can compare with Section 4. Or if the SDoC is clearly faulty (eg on wrong form), it might convince you the item is not safe enough to connect.