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Posted By Topic: SMD code

Jan 25 2018 19:28

I am studying a product the image is attached, but in it i want to get all info of all components but i am not getting data of all components although I can read smd code of all the components, but googling the code of some components I am getting nothing. In picture they are denoted with Z1, Z2, Z3, Z4, Q1, Q2,Q3, Q4 and D1
and their code is
Z1=Z2=Z3=Z4 SMD code is OW 3
Q1=Q2 SMD code is RD6UE
Q3=Q4 SMD code is TJ4 U
D1 SMD code is AK 6
kindly some one help me how to get info of all these components.

Jan 25 2018 22:16

The codes alone won’t be much use without the package style and/or number of pins. Context can help as well, as in how does the component connect to other components in the circuit.

The AK6 might be a suppression diode by Littlefuse

Jan 25 2018 22:48

How many websites have you asked these questions?